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High-Tech Cannabis: The Future of Grow Operations

Cannabis growers have long been known for their creativity and innovation. After all, growing cannabis is not an easy task! It takes a lot of time, effort, and know-how to produce a high-quality product.


THC Content On The Rise ! What's Next

Laboratory tests report 30% THC content for some well know strains.  Growers are figuring out new innovative ways to get their crossbreed beasts to put out.. What’s next on the horizon.


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Favorite Type of Cannabis – Favorite Strains – Which Strain of Weed Do You Prefer and Why?


Zippo meets weed

SALINAS, Calif. — In a historic first, today California cannabis leader Lowell Farms Inc. and iconic Pennsylvania-based lighter brand Zippo Manufacturing Co. have entered into a non-binding letter...

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donny burger hero legend

Let's Talk About Donny Burger What is the hype about the Donny Burger cannabis strain? This question has been on the minds of cannabis consumers for a while now. According to The Green Source a...

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