Crazy Glue

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Lineage Crossed Strains

Crazy Glue is a cross of GG#4 with Bubba Kush

Crazy Glue is well rounded and great in many situations without being overpowering in any one direction. The effects should relax you without slowing you down, known to promote creative energy. This is a potent strain with low anxiety, making it great for most tolerance levels. Crazy Glue can induce heavy sleep.

Reported Flavors and Aroma

Complex aromas involving spices, pepper, sweetness, and mother earth.

Crazy Glue has tightly woven leafs saturated in trichomes while bright orange pistils are laced all throughout

Reported effects




Other Crazy Glue Crossbreeds

None on record at this time



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  • Energy Level 40% 40%
  • Focused 35% 35%
  • Relaxed 20% 20%