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Lineage Crossed Strains

Citrix is a cross of L.A. Confidential with Grapefruit

Citrix is a sativa-dominant strain which demonstrates a productive manageable experience. Initial effects are recognized as elevated euphoria and boost in energy levels. As users move through the mood altering effects, they may feel giddy and awkward in social situations. The motivation needed to accomplish numerous tasks and responsibilities can be realized. Buzzed cerebral effects are also evident, and may assist to exert some creative brain power. The indica characteristics trigger entire body relaxation. Moreover, the effects are calming not taxing.

Reported Flavors and Aroma

Flowers of Citrix are visually inspiring. They adhere in a dense, tightly-packed bud structures, typical of indica varieties. As with Parent strain L.A. Confidential, trichomes blanket the buds.

When properly cured, the flowers burst with citrus aroma – also notes of fresh orange peel along with an underlying tartness, courtesy of parent strain Grapefruit.

Remarkably, Citrix burns with a smooth, even smoke and tastes like a tropical mixture of orange, pineapple, and grapefruit with just hint of pine.

Reported effects




Other Citrix Crossbreeds

Newt Fruit Strain a cross between Citrix and Alien Fire Fruit

This is a new strain from Newt Brothers Genetics.  The Newt Fruit strain was one of many produced by this poplar brand.g





  • Energy Level 50% 50%
  • Focused 40% 40%
  • Relaxed 35% 35%