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Lineage Crossed Strains

Fall 97 and  Bubba Kush

Axilla a rare Indica dominant strain made when crossing Fall 97 with Bubba Kush is native to Colorado and originally produced by The Bank Genetics. Axilla can be hard to find outside the West Coast. The effects, quite often not felt immediately, are both calming and Euphoric. Many users experience a short-lived sense of sense of euphoric energy within a delightful haze followed by hunger and sleep.

Reported Flavors and Aroma

Sweet berry notes with hints chemical, spicy herbal, earth and candy. It is said to taste of candy and soil.

Flowers are round in shape featuring and unusual combination of purple violet undertones, amber pistils and clear crystals covered in sticky resin.

Reported effects




Other Axilla Crossbreeds

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  • Energy Level 25% 25%
  • Focused 40% 40%
  • Relaxed 60% 60%