The Green Source carries a wide range of edibles to suit a variety of patient needs. We carry chocolates, gummies, beverages and other medicinally-infused treats. For capsules, tinctures and body care products see our Tincture / Topicals page.

Below is a list of products we stock on our shelves:

Blue Kudu:
400mg Cookies & Cream Bar 1:1
200mg Mint Chocolate Kookies
300mg Toffee & Almonds Chocolate Bar
500mg Mint & Dark Chocolate Bar

Cheeba Chews:
250mg Hybrid Sour Apple
500mg Indica Chocolate Taffy
500mg Sativa Chocolate Taffy
500mg Hybrid Caramel

200mg Cream & Crumble Bar
300mg Caramel & Corn Bar
300mg Coffee & Doughnuts Bar
500mg Maple & Pecan Bar
400mg 1:1 Fruit Notes
(Strawberry Rhubarb / Pineapple Jalepeno)

200mg Root Beer
200mg Fruit Punch
1:1 Synergy Chocolate Bar
500mg Orange Zest Bar

250mg Mixed Fruit Gummies
250mg Pina Colada Gummies
500mg 1:1 Black Cherry Gummies
500mg 1:1 Raspberry Gummies

Keef Cola:
100mg Blue Razz
100mg Root Beer
100mg Cherry Bomb
100mg Orange Kush
100mg Purple Passion
100mg High Octane
200mg Strawberry Kiwi Life Water

Mountain High:
40mg Suckers / 40mg Sugar Free Suckers
400mg 4:1 Lozenges

250mg Distillate Gummies

Healthy Creation Edibles:
200mg Meddy Buddies
200mg Fruity Crispy Bar

500mg Tropical Trainwreck
500mg Pineapple Express
500mg Grandaddy Purp
500mg Watermelon Headband
500mg Sour Apple

500mg Key Lime Bar
1000mg Strawberry Cheesecake Bar

200mg Fruits Gummies
200mg Reds Gummies
200mg Tropical Gummies
500mg Greens Gummies
500mg Pineapple / Tangerine Gummies
500mg Exotics
1000mg Assorted Fruit Gummies

Sweet Grass:
65mg Chocolate Chip Cookie
100mg 1:1 Chocolate Chip Cookie
75mg Peanut Butter & Jelly Cup
100mg Brownie

200mg Indica Gummies
200mg Hybrid Gummies
200mg Sativa Gummies
5:1 Pomegranate Blueberry Acai Gummies
1000mg Exotic Yuzu
1000mg Raspberry Lime

100mg Blueberry Bliss Bar
100mg Boulder Bar
100mg Key Lime Bar
200mg Monkey Bar
200mg Peanut Budda Buddha Bar
200mg Vanilla Affogato Bar
300mg Chocolate Affogato Bar
300mg Mile High Mint Bar
300mg S’mores Bar
500mg Orange Bar
500mg Mile Higher Mint Bar
1,000mg Strawberry Crunch Bar
300mg Indica Fruit Chews
300mg Sativa Fruit Chews
300mg Hybrid Fruit Chews
300mg Indica Sour Gummies
300mg Sativa Sour Gummies
300mg Hybrid Sour Gummies
300mg Hybrid Red Licorice Gummies
300mg Sativa Sour Watermelon Gummies
1,000mg Cherry & Tangerine Indica Gummies
1,000mg Cherry & Tangerine Sativa Gummies
600mg 1:1 THC:CBD Strawberry CBD Fruit Gummies

20mg Snoopease Snacks
60mg Pot Rox (6 Flavors)
60mg Inteacups & Siptivas
300mg Lolli Doo
400mg Whipped Butter

Northern Standard:
1000mg Downhill Dark Bar
1000mg SMORES Bar

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