The Green Source stocks a wide variety of  wax, shatter, resin, and oils. We also carry easy-to-use vape pens. The Green Source has its own line of great concentrates including oil, vape, wax, kief and caviar.

Here ere are the companies and products that we carry most regularly:

  • Craft Vape Cartridges, HCFSE (High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract), and Live Resin
  • Concentrate Supply Company (CSC) Wax and Shatter
  • Incredibles Live Resin and Black Diamonds
  • Batch Concentrates
  • Newt Brothers Wax, Live Resin, and Shatter
  • The Green Source Vapes, CO2 Oil, and Caviar
  • EVO Labs Vape Kits
  • Kush Concentrates Live Resin and Sauce
  • Caregivers For Life (CFL) RSO Syringes

Brief descriptions:

Oil: CO2 Extracted, whole plant extract. Here is a good link and description of basically exactly what we are producing but it is another persons website so we should be careful about that… Link: Honestly, their website is a pretty good representation of all of our products, they make almost identical stuff and have a similar philosophy from what I can tell.

  •  Our oils are whole plant extract, using CO2. Whole plant extracts come from the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant, and contain terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids. CO2 extracted oils are free from toxins and safe for human consumption. Our whole plant extract oils utilize every aspect of the plant to bring you a product that works harmoniously in the body.

Vaporizer Cartridges: 0.5 Gram C Cell Cartridges filled with whole plant co2 extract, we never cut our oils with anything aside from co2 extracted pure terpenes; for the most parts they are all from our own cannabis/strains, on occasion they are from other plants (Only if I use our machine trim which has no really terpene profile). Everything you get is always strain specific or a blend of similar strains. ie all indica, or all sativa.

  • Our .5 gram C-cell cartridges are filled with high quality, whole plant CO2 extract. Most cartridges are filled with whole plant extract from Green Source plants, while some contain added, natural terpenes to enhance the flavor profile. Cartridges are either strain specific or a blend of similar strains, meeting your indica or sativa needs.

Wax: Ethanol extracted, very clean and very pure. Always strain specific and high potency

  • Our waxes are ethanol extracted, clean and pure. Waxes are strain specific and high potency.

Kief: Plant material shaken over a fine screen to collect trichomes from the leaves and buds, arguably one of the first types of extractions of cannabis to ever exist. No solvents used, nothing artificial, always strain specific. ‘

  • Kief is a product derived from plant material filtered through a fine screen to collect trichomes from the leaves and buds. Kief is a naturally derived product coming straight from the plant, gathered with no solvents or artificial ingredients. Our kief is always strain specific.

Caviar: We take premium hand trimmed cannabis flower, soak it with whole plant co2 extracted cannabis oil and gently roll that in kief for a slow burning and very potent effect. Sometimes strain specific sometimes similar strains being blended together.

  • Our caviar is hand-trimmed flower buds, soaked in whole plant CO2-extracted cannabis oil, gently rolled in kief. Caviar has a slow burning, potent effect. Caviar is either strain specific or a blend of similar strains.
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