About Us The Green Source

We are the only indoor grow operation of it’s size here in Colorado, and quite possibly the entire US, growing medical grade cannabis. We have a team of experts who are passionate about what they do and take pride in producing the best quality cannabis offered in the marketplace. We grow, trim, cure, package and sell medical grade marijuana to patients across Colorado through our retail locations and supply chains.  Our business is focused on providing safe access to high-quality products for all qualified Colorado residents with compassion.  We are experts in the industry and have a deep understanding of how to provide our clientele with these products at affordable prices. Our mission is to elevate the standards of safety, compliance, and transparency within this burgeoning industry by delivering the highest quality medical grade cannabis to those who need it most.

Our state-of-the-art facilities provide a safe environment to produce high-quality products that will enrich your life with natural wellness benefits. The company its employees and management are experts in all things marijuana, including cultivation, production and distribution. They are committed to sustainability and innovation through energy efficient green houses, solar panels, water recycling systems, and much more.

The Green Source is a Colorado based cannabis grower with the largest indoor facility in the State providing several hundred jobs to residents and their families.  The Green Source was founded by a woman who saw an opportunity to create a sustainable, profitable and ethical business that helps improve lives, especially those in their final days or months. She is committed to building a model for success that benefits everyone from the people who work here every day, to our community members and patrons across Colorado.

The Green Source mission statement from day one has always been Patient Care First with Superb Quality at Affordable Prices.

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Helping Our Community

We are always open to talk about ways we can help our community our door is always open.

Medical Transportation Provided

The Green Source provides medical transportation for any individual within the Colorado Springs area at no charge to help those in need get to their dialysis or cancer treatments.